Developments at the Finland Historical Society

All of the buildings located at the Heritage Site will receive on going maintenance and furnishing upgrades as items become available. The Heritage Museum and the Park Hill School will also, to the best of our ability, receive annual and periodic display and program upgrades.

A number of “special projects”, completed primarily with funding support provided to the special projects fund by members and others, have been finished. They include an outdoor hand water pump, a split rail fence, and a functioning outhouse.

Future projects, some of which will require larger amounts of support than can be reasonable expected from members, include a trapper’s shack, a blacksmith shop, a small dove tail barn, and functioning root cellar.

Members and others are invited to send a tax deductible donation to the special projects fund with the understanding that the Society will, as special projects funds become available, seek matching grants for interested businesses and foundations.

In most cases, volunteers will be involved with all development efforts and the value of their efforts will, when ever possible, be matched by interested others.

Current Projects: Heritage Museum and Park Hill School
The two projects the society is currently focusing on are the Heritage Museum and the Park Hill School. Both the museum and the relocated school were identified as worthy objectives in 2003 and begun in 2005. The Heritage Museum building was completed at the end of September 2008.

Future Projects:
Future projects will include construction of a useable root cellar, a trappers shack, a small dove tail constructed barn, an entrance gate into the homestead area and, to be constructed in summer 2010 in time for the Tori, a functioning black smith shop.

Future Programs:
Once the Heritage Site is completed the development focus will be living history. A number of the structures will provide the setting for programs which will reflect the economy and lives of the areas earliest settlers.

Much of the development fund money is generated by fund raising and most of the labor required is provided by volunteers. And, more of both money and labor is needed and greatly appreciated! If you like what we’re doing, you can help! Our Society depends upon the generous contributions of our members, and charitable donations of any interested party. Gifts of $50 or more are permanently recognized in the building(s) you wish to support. For information on how you can contribute to, and become a part of this unique living history please visit our Membership page.

lg_development1lg_development2Work on the Heritage Museum began when two semi loads of white pine timbers were delivered to the site. For the first few years of the development, all of the equipment and labor needed was donated by members and friends.




Site preparation, setting forms and pouring the slab for the Park Hill school was all completed by volunteers.

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